Monday, April 27, 2009

My day begins~

I just went outside to get the newspaper. Sometimes I feel embarrassed creeping out in my long robe, but then I think, Why? Most women expose more of themselves in street clothes than I do in night clothes.

The morning is still, the air thick and warm; I feel relaxed and ready for a new day. Early morning and late evening, just before dark have always been my favorite times of the day. My respirations are even, my thoughts unrippled, unlike during the day when I'm juggling a million things. The best gift I received this morning was a big round pink-tinged, sun-filled cloud in an otherwise gloomy, dark cloudy sky. And we have the cutest little chipmunk in residence.


Lisa Honey Pie said...

I like to have my morning coffee while peering over the porch rails at my garden below. Often, I'm in my dressing gown. I figure the men like it anyway. :)

Julia said...

I live in my pajamas. If the world doesn't like it, they can look the other way. The clouds and chipmunks never seem to mind, do they?