Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When it feels right, write it!

We attended a granddaughter's school concert last night which centered around folk songs. Got me to thinking about how at her age I sang the same songs in 5th grade: Old Dan Tucker, what a crazy guy!

In those days, we didn't go to music class. We simply closed our science books and got out our music books; the teacher moved from the desk chair to the piano bench. I couldn't sing worth a hoot, but I sang those folk songs, military ballads, and negro spirituals with gusto. Then one day, somebody declared that much of what we sang in the '60s was gender, ethnic and/or religiously offensive. There went my favorite songs: Battle Hymn of the Republic, Sawannee River, The Air Force Theme Song, not to mention my beloved Christmas carols.

Of course we write FOR our readers, but first and foremost we must write what our heart dictates. If an "offensive" word slips into your writing, don't be too quick to edit. It may be necessary for impact; it might hold more weight than ten softer words. I say, let the offended close the book! Bah humbug,censorship!

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BECKY said...

You go girl..!!!