Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A writer's metaphor~

It's supposed to be spring, and I'm supposed to be a writer. It snowed, and you know what I did? I curled up and snoozed early instead of writing an article that's near deadline.

The flowering trees survived the freeze, although a few blossoms didn't make it. A tree is a metaphor for the writer's life. We are the trunk, and the branches represent the ideas that slowly emerge, twist, poke up, out, this way and that and evolve from our thoughts, scribblings, writings. The leaves are the submissions we send out, and the blossoms are our publication credits. How does your tree bloom on this spring day? If yours is more trunk than branches, fertilize your thoughts until they blossom; get writing; get growing! If your branches are more leaves than blossoms, start submitting. And when a flower withers on the stem, try again. The tree doesn't stop growing just because it loses a few blossoms, and you shouldn't let anything stop you, not rejection letters, not time constraints. No excuses. Vow to write and submit at least one thing this week.


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

I keep making that vow, and never hold to it.

School has really put a dent in how much I submit, and my time to write non-school pieces (although I strive to write everything for school in a way it might some day be published).

My tree is really lacking leaves in comparison with yours. But I suppose it's got a pretty good root system. That counts for something, right? ;-)

Lynn said...

Thanks for that - I'll go write, right now!