Thursday, April 2, 2009

When fear knocks, let faith answer.

Sometimes after I've written a poem or prose, and I've tweaked it to the max,I feel proud of my work. Then, fear creeps in like a twinge in my side from walking too fast. Right before I hit the send button, I begin to doubt my worth; I wonder how or if my work will impact others. In the big literary world, my piddly stuff seems to pale. Even when I'm being validated with publication, I feel humble, grateful and insignificant.

Last night we went to see a movie, Disney Earth. It made me realize how, in the big scheme of things, each of us is as insignificant as we are important. Two tiny polar bear cubs exited their den and saw the light of day for the first time. They followed their mother on wobbly legs right to the edge of the mountain. Whoa! The sight of the huge, snowpacked cliff stopped them in their tracks. Those little cuties bawled in fear and backtracked. Their mother, intent on leading them to the sea for food, waited and encouraged.

We writers sometimes plod right to the edge of that proverbial cliff, and then fear takes over, tugs us back, makes us reconsider. Whether you fear failure, the unknown, or even success, have faith. Take baby steps, but don't stop moving forward. We must encourage one another on this journey.

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