Sunday, April 5, 2009

Patience pays off.

I received an invitation from the editor of a Chicken Soup book to read my story at a launch party in California. Ha! Nice gesture, but no way. I was ready to hit the delete button when I saw a blurb she'd written about an agent friend seeking fiction manuscripts. I checked it out. She is looking for quirky midlife womens' stories. The other day I was upset because the agency to which I was prepared to send my quirky, midlife womens' manuscript was no longer seeking that genre.

One door closes; another opens. It's more than a cliche`. I've learned that if I wait, it comes to me. In retrospect, I realize that I have gotten everything I've ever wanted, just never WHEN I wanted it. Patience pays.


BECKY said...


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...


You're a master at attracting opportunity! Next, you need to attract publishers who will pay your air fare and hotel! :-)

Love your new pic by the daffodils!

Lynn said...

You should go!