Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's up with junk mail?

When I see that I have a dozen emails in junk mail, I fly high clinging to hope like a bouquet of helium filled balloons. One email might be from an editor! My luck: VA Benefits won't benefit me; Madame So & So, late wife of the King of Somewhere can't even plead her case in a sentence. I didn't play the foreign lottery, so how can I possibly be a big winner? And why would I send you money to claim my prize? No! I don't want to cruise the Horn of Africa for $399. I HAVE found the man of my dreams, so I don't need Meet Your Love Match. He doesn't need male enhancement products, and I don't want to see one more diet ad. I am aware that I ate too much Easter junk.

As I check out each email, one by one my dreams and hopes are punctured, and I'm as deflated as my bouquet of imaginary balloons. What is it with all this junk mail! Oh well, the day is young. I can only hope that the universe will toss me a good piece of junk mail today.


BECKY said...

I hate junk mail and bills in my "snail mail" box even worse!! Why I still think there just might be an actual letter or note from a friend or family member, I have no idea! That's one reason I like to send short notes, though.....hoping someone will reciprocate!

Julia said...

Me too.

BTW: I think we're sharing the same junk mail box.