Friday, April 24, 2009

Finding your balance~

Some days it is difficult to find a balance between the things I must do and the things I want to do. Writing on deadline and revising to suit editorial needs are neccesary, time consuming evils. I've spent the past couple of days so focused on that, I see that I have neglected my blog and my family. I've sat at this keyboard too long. I need to go drink morning coffee with my husband and enjoy the warm spring breeze blowing through the screen door.

The topic of the story I'm working on is "becoming independent." In my life I have struggled with finding a balance between doing it my way and pleasing others. I think that I am an independent thinker, yet I sometimes fall into the trap of self-doubt. The conclusion of my assigned story is that in our quest for independence, we all seek freedom from the influence and control of others. In reality, we are never totally independent because we are all interconnected. We have to find our balance.

Now, I am going to go conect with my hubby, locate my inner balance and start my day.

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