Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I am lucky to be able to squat on the floor with my students to play a game or tie a shoe. There's no way I could hold a yoga pose for any length. When I actually sit on the floor, I have to roll to my hands and knees in the friendly dog position (if there is such a pose) to get up. These old knees have some wear and tear on them; my legs have carried me places you wouldn't believe. I've climbed what seemed like insurmountable troubles, walked a tightrope of heartache; hiked trails that have led to nowhere; and I hopped, skipped and jumped way too fast through my kids' childhoods. I am reminded of how quickly life goes by, especially after hearing the terrible news about Elizabeth Edward's cancer being untreatable now. Her days are numbered and she readily accepts that. As she says, "For all of us, our days are numbered."

'Tis the season for counting down and crossing off numbers on advent calendars. The weeks and finally the days until Christmas unwind like an end roll of wrapping paper. Rushing about, cramming in, making appearances, buying gifts, forcing a smile, decorating our homes and offices to get the "feel" of Christmas or Hanukkah makes us feel flustered, and we wonder if it's worth it.

My bogger friend, Allison has a terrific post titled Creating Space. Take a moment to read her message today about "remembering what is instead of what's next".

As we rush here and there, to and from buying or delivering presents, keep in mind that sharing freely of the gifts you possess love, kindness, joy and your spirituality, are the ones that really matter. Treat yourself to a gift today, read Allison's blog.

Our loved ones, children especially, may want presents, but what they really need is our presence. The gift of time is more valubale than a gift that costs money.

When you feel upset or burdened, see red! STOP, sit still, pretend you are at a traffic light, and ignore the fools behind you honking and wanting you to rush on. Have a pleasant day. Peace to one and all.


Susan said...

Hi Linda...ha ha ha ha ha Had to chuckle over getting up off the floor. Yeah, I can truly identify. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to get up at all! ha! But I always do, as you probably do, also. Ahhhh, the joys of getting old(er). Hey! Linda! Post a photo of your gingerbread girls! I'd like to see them. Maybe we can fix them up with some of my gingerbread boys. No, then MY gingerbread girls might get mad. Anyhow, have a great day. Susan

Allison Schreiber Lee said...

Thank you, Linda!!I am grateful to have you and your words of wisdom in my life. I'm thrilled I was able to provide some inspiration to you today.
All my best,

Cathy C. Hall said...

I'm not sure what happened to that comment I left on yesterday's post...maybe it's still down there on the floor with ME! But no matter when I stop by, I always find something that mnakes me glad I did. Peace to you, too, Linda.

Bookie said...

What a beautiful post, Linda. It was good to come from grocery store where emotion of the season pushed out a tear or two. I know: the grocery store!!!!

Yes, I agree about the floor...and the chairs...and the car seats...and....

Donna Volkenannt said...

You're amazing--a wonderful writer and you can get up from the floor.
Donna V.

Tammy said...

So, so true! Thanks for the much-needed reminder!

Pat Wahler said...

T'is the season to run ourselves ragged. That always seems to be the way things go. Your advice is wise, and timely.